• Cooperation

    A cooperation for your success.

    You value a cooperative approach.

    RENOLIT provides support through its know-how and passion.

    Side by side on the path to success. The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. Our customer relations are founded on the utmost respect and mutual trust. We help you to attain your objectives with competent advice and products and services designed to offer maximum customer benefits. Your added value from RENOLIT: Cooperation.

  • Quality

    Quality that sets your products apart.

    You produce sophisticated products.

    RENOLIT stands for the very highest quality.

    Product ranges to meet the highest standards. Quality has always been the top priority at RENOLIT. Our products embody 70 years of experience and expert knowledge, which we apply in your best interests. This provides you with the very best basis for professional results. Your added value from RENOLIT: High quality.

  • Innovation

    Innovations that inspire you.

    You pursue visionary projects.

    RENOLIT develops pioneering products.

    Always a step ahead of the rest. We live an open, innovative culture which encourages active involvement on the part of all our employees. In joint projects with customers and partners we develop practical innovations for the future.
    We would be pleased to team up with you, too.

  • Open-mindedness

    Open-mindedness creating new opportunities for you.

    You are expanding into new markets.

    RENOLIT is there for you - worldwide.

    Open-mindedness around the globe. With a workforce of some 4,500 and more than 30 production plants and distribution companies, we pursue an international and market-oriented approach which sees us thinking beyond boundaries, with an openness towards new ideas and approaches.

  • Reliability

    Reliability you can count on.

    You are facing new challenges.

    RENOLIT is your reliable partner.

    Reliability provides the foundation for successful partnerships.
    Integrity and dependability have been cornerstones of our business rationale for over 70 years now. Mindful that we bear a share of the responsibility for our customers’ end products, you can always rely on our products and services.


Fascinating impressions, deep insights

Rely on it. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications, RENOLIT is an integral component of countless everyday products. Manufacturers across the globe rely on our technical expertise, our consistent high quality and our cooperative service.

Beyond this, we offer every one of our customers genuine added value. Our new image campaign visualises these customer benefits. See for yourself what makes RENOLIT such a valuable partner for its customers. The new image motifs show picture by picture, or rather picture on picture, just what we can make possible.
Discover the added value from RENOLIT.

Added value from RENOLIT

Experience our brand values

What sets us apart as a company?

Cooperative, innovative, highly valued, open-minded, reliable - our entire business rationale is founded on these five brand values.
They define our aspirations, shape our corporate culture and embody a commitment to our customers on which we deliver each and every day. RENOLIT stands for reliable cooperation offering genuine added value, with each of our values entailing practical benefits for our customers. See for yourself.


Learn more about us - discover the many facets of the RENOLIT product world!

Image film

Discover our campaign

Where do our products make all the difference?

On the high seas, in furniture design, in roofing and foundations, in medicinal applications - the list is almost endless. High-performance film from RENOLIT is employed successfully in many applications spanning numerous sectors of industry. The campaign features surprising images illustrating where and how our products are used.

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